here are some tips on how to make good portraits

1 .“Watch and learn how light behaves and moves.” don’t be afraid of natural light and always practice

2. “a certain can be a great way to diffuse natural light” ”As a food photographer, natural light is my best business partner. To make perfect food shots, you’ll need three things: great food styling, natural light, and one or two styrofoam boards for shadows”

3. “When using a reflector, avoid lighting the model from below”  “Shooting with natural light requires some expertise. Don’t expect to get great results without understanding the character of light.”]

4″ keep an eye on how the atmosphere of a shot changes with the light” “When working with natural light, it is very important to have patience and the will to experiment.”

5 ” Arrive at the location in advanc, and take your photos at sunset, sunrise, and blue hour” “Arrive at the location in advance, and take your photos at sunset, sunrise, and blue hour. To determine the position of the sun and the best shooting time, you can use a mobile app such as “Sun Surveyor” or others”

6″ usually, i just try to keep it as simple as possible and work with the light that is already available” “In regards to architectural, interior, and real estate photography, knowing how to take advantage of natural or available light is the most important tool in my opinion, along with a tripod.”

7″ shooting raw is a must so i can fix anything later in postproduction if need to” “Because I am mostly photographing for stock at home, I have figured out where and when I tend to have the best possible natural light, and I try to stick to that place and time of day. For stills, I do help myself with backgrounds and white reflectors, but if I am photographing children, I take it all as it is. Especially with children, I want the photos to look natural and authentic; I am just observing, and I let them do their thing.”

8″ light is the most intense in the middle of the day which makes contrast and shadows more pronounced” “I am a food photographer specializing in natural light photography. Although strobes have obvious benefits in certain situations, there is nothing more beautiful than natural light to photograph food.”n

9 “cpzy handmade lamps will create a ma

All about me

The first couple things that describe me in this collage is the shoes. I’ve started to love  Jordan’s and collect them more and more. Another thing is the roses i love flowers i always want to get some when i see a street vender selling them its something that makes me happy. Another is a place I’ve visited and loved being there. which is Cancun I’ve been twice this year and it was amazing.

Another thing on the collage is the hearts, when i see hearts they make me happy. I Am a Raider and Dodger fan! i love hot Cheetos ive always had them since i was little but when i got a little older i cant eat them like i used to. The dog print is for my dogs i couldn’t put a bunch but i have 6. i used to have more but a lot of them passed away and/or had babies but we gave them away.

The last couple of things on my collage is Disneyland, that is my favorite place ever! since covid i haven’t gone but would love to go again my family and i used to have the season passes. The Minnie and mickey mouse are both my favorite, i have a lot more but they wouldn’t fit. Next is Jenni Rivera i just finished watching her show of her story of what was going on. i loved it i wish i got to meet her but now all of this generation knows her story and loves her more.




  1.  i have strong composition
  2.  i did good i should have made them a little more colorful
  3.  i would get a better framing and shoot it a little further.
  4.  i think if i get a little better it should be considered one of the best from all the photo classes

Camera modes

i learned some camera modes one would be automatic modes it tells your camera to use it’s best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best shot. I learned about portrait mode, when  you switch to portrait mode your camera will automatically select a large aperture and it will keep your background out of focus. Marco mode  lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture.  Landscape mode is like the opposite of portrait mode. Sets the camera up with a small aperture to make sure as much of the scene you’re photographing will be in focus as possible.